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The History

A pause in time

Originally  an important farming estate, Courti is typical of Venetian country architecture. For generations it belonged to the Trivoli-Pieri family who were important members of the local nobility.

The estate is composed of a number of buildings that are likely to have been built at different times, which makes it difficult to date. The earliest written record of Courti is 1723, though there is evidence that the central buildings existed much earlier than this.

Courti is surrounded by fortified walls, within which are the main house which was rather large for standards at the time, the olive press, the stables, the church and ample warehouses.

A previous major renovation, which took place in 1770 by Michiel Steffano Trivoli Pieri, is commemorated over the front gate. The estate has now been entirely restored to its original glory adhering to strict architectural guidelines by the Greek Archaeology Supervisory Authority.


The Trivoli family arrive from the Peloponnese

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The Trivoli family is elected to the Corfu council, comprising of 150 members of Corfiot nobility

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Augustela Trivoli marries Dr Marino Pieri also of local nobility, merging the two family names for the first time

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The earliest mention of Courti, in the area of Lower Spyleo in Messonghi, as being passed down to Anastasio and GeorgioTrivoli-Pieri in a legal document

The estate has the same layout as it does today

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Megas ProtopapasIoannis Voulgaris, the local head of church, is reported to have stayed at the estate of aristocrat S.S. AnastasioTrivoli – Pieri

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Michiel Steffano inherits Courti, now consisting of the main house, stables, warehouses, olive press and the church of Eisodion Yperagias Theotokou

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The date and epigraph over the estate’s main entrance archway is a record of restoration works carried out by the new owner, Michiel Steffano Trivoli Pieri

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The entire property is sold to merchant Christodoulos Kritikos

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Οwnership of the estate changes hands again and major renovation works begin to build Courti up from its ruined shell into a modern masterpiece.