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Sustainable Luxury

Our Philosophy

Limited environmental impact

At Courti we endeavour to promote a zero waste, organic environment within which our biodiverse ecosystem can flourish. From removing the use of plastic by providing water bottles and filtered drinking water to our guests, to only using organic means of pesticide control on our grounds and farm, every step we take helps the local habitats and wildlife to coexist with us in harmony. The grounds at Courti have become a tranquil safe haven for a variety of flora and fauna who increasingly see their habitats destroyed: hedgehogs, bumble bees, various butterflies and magnificent kites to name a few.

The Grounds

Fine Organic Produce

‘From Farm to Table’ is a phrase that belongs at The Courti Estate. Seasonal organic produce picked straight from our organic farm and grounds, is used in the kitchen by our amazing cook Liliana  to produce dishes bursting with flavour. Whatever we can’t grow, we source from a 1km radius of our front gates using trusted local organic suppliers. The cycle of life at Courti continues as food scraps are then used to feed the chickens and cats, vegetable matter goes on the compost and matured compost is used to organically fertilise and nurture the farm. Ask a member of staff for a tour of the farm and greenhouse, and wildly growing produce scattered around the grounds such as chamomile and artichokes.

The Olive Groves

Cold pressed, top grade, extra virgin olive oil

The olive oil produced from the ancient olive trees growing on The Courti Estate is amongst the best oil we have ever tasted. Green, peppery, beautiful – when you stay at Courti this is the oil that will be used in the kitchen to make everything from fresh green salads to humble moussaka taste like a little piece of heaven. Our trees are maintained throughout the year, using only organic methods, and then hand-picked by our team during the harvesting season in November and December. Then finally taken within hours of picking to our local olive mill where they are cold pressed to produce top grade extra virgin olive oil.

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